Morningrise was created a few years ago, by Elcmar & Hellhaz.

After some staff alterations, Morningrise has the line-up it ever wished. The band is unique in France because their music has no equivalent. Their influences come from metal but also from folk scene.

Therefore, the musical universe is varied, and enhanced by a melodic, atmospheric and epic drive. The 2 songs of this promotional CD are just a sample of what Morningrise are up to for their first album, the recording of which is already planned for the beginning of next year. Yet «Predilection" and "Lost spectral delight" succeed in creating a symbiosis where guitars intermingle generate a subtle alliance of energy and beauty; it only remains for the bass line, drumming and singing to achieve the haunting world of Morningrise. The band is the missing link in the present Metal scene and is ready to perform the same energy on stage. The Death, Doom and Black Metal fans will be able to recognize themselves in the sincerity and the strength of the band's tunes.



Elcmar : Guitars

Hellhaz : Guitars

Arkames : Vocals

Volundr : Bass

Alveric : Drums

Alsvid : Drums

Band contact Morningrise 35, allée Combelonge 33610 Cestas Morningrise@caramail.com